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Clearance Park Homes is a family owned and operated business based out of Pope’s Landing Marina, at Lake Fork, Texas.  Our expertise lies in functional lodging, practicality and design, as well as cost effectiveness.  This is provided with our quality built park homes.  We will help you go through the different layouts and designs to choose the best park home for your needs.  Stop by Pope’s Landing Marina and we can walk you through different park home layouts and show you the different options.  Still unsure?  We can schedule a tour with the factory.  You can see how these park homes are made with many space saving features giving you more bang for your buck.  Equipped with the comforts of home, you can have high ceilings, spacious lofts, textured or wood walls, large bay windows, different siding options, and many more desired features and décor choices.  Each park home comes with a wall to wall 1 year factory warranty and is American made in Texas.  We will work with you to find what you need at an affordable price.  We can provide set up as well as add ons such as a patio and covered deck to help increase your square footage living space.  Ask us about financing!   
214-548-0137 195 Private Road 5551 Alba, Texas 75410

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